2019 YPS Nominated Stallions and 2020 Auction

2020 YPS Stallion Services Auction

Auction Dates: 1/14/20-1/26/20

Presented by Markel

Each of the following Stallions is nominated in the Yankee Prospect Stakes for 2019.  That makes all of the get, from the nominated sires, eligible to be enrolled in the YPS Futurity and Derby Program.  Each 2019 YPS Nominated Stallion is also eligible for Stallion Incentive Checks that can be earned if their get scores a top 5 score in both the YPS Futurity and/or YPS Derby! 10 chances to win a Stallion Incentive Check!

***If you do not see your prospect’s sire on this list, your prospect can still be enrolled with an additional fee of $250.***

Make SURE to bid on the breeding services in the 2020 YPS Stallion Service Auction! Each successful foal from a YPS breeding is automatically enrolled in the program at no additional cost!



2019 YPS Nominated Stallions

ARC Gunna Sparkya
BFR Genuinely Irish
Big Chex To Cash
Blue One Time
Briscoe Cat
Brother Tuff Wood
Cats Moonshine
Chic Dreamin
Chics Loaded Gun
Cielo Starlight
Colonels Lil Gun
Custom Legend
DA Pepanic
Desire Rey
Desires Little Rex
Diablos Painted Doc
Double Loaded Gun
Dualin With A King
Dun It In Platinum
Dun It With A Chic N
Dun It With A Twist
Dun It With A Whiz
Electric Code
Electric Snow
Epic Titan
Fantastic Cat
Fletch That Cat
Gotta Lotta Bud
Gotta Twist It Up
Greyt Whiz
Gunner On Ice
Gunnin For Chicks
Guns R For Shootin
Heavy Duty Chex
HF Mobster
High Roller Whiz
Howdy Major
Ju Juzz Gunslinger
Judge Boon
Lil Joe Cash
Lil Spoon
Marthas Mega Jac
Matt Dillon Dun It
Mega Watt Shine
Metallic Echo
MJG Kalimans Gun
MR Spins Doctor
No Guns Please
Once You Go Black
One Shiney Metallic
Pale Face Dunnit
Platinum Vintage
Pretty Peppy Chec
PS Mega Chic Shine
REF Black Mamba
Roosters Wrangler
Rowdy Yankee
Ruf Lil Magnum
Shine Chic Shine
Shiners Voodoo DR
Shiney Outlaw
Smart Like Juice
Smart Spook
Smoking Whiz
Spooks Big Bang
Spooks Gotta Whiz
Star Spangled Whiz
Starlight Kat
Starlight Shiner
Starlights Bay Jose
Step It Up Jak
Steppin On Sparks
Surely A Pepto
Sweet Mr Katz
Texas Remedy
Third Cutting
This Guns For Nic
This Kids Gotta Gun
Tinker With Guns
Tinseltown Flash
Tinseltown Fly Guy
Tomcat Chex
TR Dual Rey
Travelin Jonez
Tricked Out Spook
Whats On Juice
Whiz Van Winkle
Who Whiz Bert
Who Whiz Chexy
Whos The Whiz Kid
Wimpy McClain
Wimpys High Bid
Wimpys Tinseltown


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