2018 YPS Futurity

2018 Yankee Prospect Stakes


Enrolled Prospect Sire Enroller
Mainly A Wimp Wimpys Little Step Laura Shea
Pretty Tuf Gun Spooks Gotta Run Travis Pufpaff
Smart Mossy Chic  NQH Mossy Boon Lorie Shaw
Lil Gabby Gun Colonels Lil Gun Lorie Shaw
Chicoree Charlize  Chicoree Dox Jessie Dorland-Marchant
Name Pending  Chicoree Dox David and Anne Dorland
Name Pending  Wimpys Tinseltown Anderson Performance Horses
Name Pending  Imasmartpepto Dennis Tito
Name Pending  Star Spangled Whiz Sayda Canizares
Name Pending Wimpyneedsacocktail Duke Dygert (WNC x SSC)
Name Pending Wimpyneedsacocktail Duke Dygert (WNC X HCW)
Name Pending Wimpyneedsacocktail Duke Dygert
Goin Commando in the Sno Commandalena Dana Graft
Commando Dun It Commandalena Dana Graft
Goldie Gunnerlocks  Gunner Special Nite Janna Imrie
Pending Wimpys Tinseltown Fletcher
Pending  Gunners Peppy Oak Fletcher
Pending Wimpys Tinseltown Fletcher
Wishaway Hunters Comet  Wisha Star Hunter Keith Buisman
Shes Dun Whizzin  Whizs Hollywood Star Morrisville College
SS Einstein Rooster Einsteins Revolution Tony Laros
Pending Dun Roostin Hedges
Major Coloured QT Dallice Callum
SRTS Mexican Dundae  Dun Roostin Jennifer-Marie Mancino
Smart Nimble Chic Cathleen Woomert
KR Ima Trashya Gunnatrashya Lesley Martin
Dunnit in Detroit  Spun It N Dun It Gene Munger
Peppy Lil Codetta  Peppy Lil Codie Lorie Shaw
Ready For Tinseltown Tinseltowns Fly Guy Nick Nelson

Big Shot Of Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds Joan Schafer
FineandShiney Shine Chic Shine John Balko
Mighty Mr Goodfella HF Mobster Zeta Warne
Mega Juiced Up Mega Watt Shine Cynthia Bryden
Quin Smokin Prayer Colonels Smokin Pep Cailin Harrion
Holly Shines On Line Shine On Line Ben Baggett
Show Whiz Pretty Spooks Gotta Whiz Lorie Shaw
Tinseltownstarburst Hollywoodstinseltown Shannon Quinlan
Blacked Out Mercedes Cromed Out Mercedes Lagle and Savage LLC
Spook and Dance Smart Spook John Fletcher
Cromed Out Bugatti Cromed Out Mercedes Joan Schafer
Sunkissed N Freckled Wimpys Little Freckl Sunset Maple Farm LLC
Lemme Take A Selfie Cromed Out Mercedes Courtney Overstreet
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